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Africa is the second largest of the continents and has 54 sovereign countries, the most on any continent. The continent is vast spanning more than 8000 km from north to south and almost the same, 7.500 km from east to west.

Africa is seen by many as being the birthplace of modern human culture. It exists in both hemispheres, offers a wide range of biomes to explore, and hundreds of different ethnicities and cultures have carved out an identity on this continent.

With the Mediterranean Sea in the north and Cape Agulhas in South Africa in the south, there is a distance of nearly 8,000km between the two. The largest country is Algeria, while the smallest is the Seychelles, which is an archipelago off the eastern coast of the continent.

The climate of Africa is quite variable. There are tropical islands, hot deserts, and even subarctic mountain peaks. The northern half of Africa is primarily desert, while the southern half is a combination of dense jungles and savannahs. In Madagascar, you’ll find unique plants and animals that are not found anywhere else in the world.

Africa contains the world’s longest river—the 6,650 km long (4,100 mi) Nile River running from Burundi to Egypt—while the Congo River in the DRC is the second largest in terms of discharge as well as the deepest with a depth of over 230 m (750 ft) in some spots. Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro is the world’s tallest free-standing mountain at 5,890 m (19,340 ft). Djibouti’s Lake Assal is the second lowest point on Earth, the saltiest lake outside Antarctica, and one of the hottest places on Earth.

Despite having access to abundant levels of natural resources, Africa is the poorest continent in the world today. Political climates can change instantly. The bottom 20 countries in human development are all found here. At the same time, you’ll find authenticity in Africa like nowhere else.

Africa today is a vast continent with many bustling metropolises, some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, and amazingly diverse and beautiful landscapes. While there are places resembling the stereotypical Africa of war, famine, and poverty, most of the continent is peaceful.

After the end of colonialism, almost every African country adopted an official language that originated on the continent. English, French, and Portuguese are still spoken often as well. Arabic and Spanish are somewhat common as well, along with pockets of German and Italian.

What this means for a visitor to Africa is simple: one gets to experience a melting pot of diversity in the land that first produced humanity.

Below you find a list of the african sovereign countries from A-Z

African countries A - Z


Africa is called the “Dark Continent” for its supposed mystery, but there is nothing mysterious about a destination site like this. You should definitely consider an Africa vacation.

Africa is probably the most diverse continent on the planet and a vacation there can hold just as much variety. No matter what you are looking for, an Africa vacation can fulfill all your trip desires.

We think of Africa first as a land of jungles and wild animals and that is certainly true. For an Africa vacation, you may want to consider some of the amazing safari adventures, which will take you to places that most people have only dreamed about. Imagine elephants and lions in the wild; that can be part of an Africa vacation. Although primitive in its beauty and feel, being on a safari does not mean living like an “animal”. Throughout the numerous game preserves and national parks, where you will see nature at its best, are also some of the finest accommodations in the world.

On your vacation, you can stay in guest lodges that rival anything in the cosmopolitan areas for luxury and service. Most of these venues will make you feel like you are a king or queen of all you survey, with excellent amenities you would not necessarily expect on an Africa vacation.

However, the jungles and savannas of Africa is only part of the picture. In South Africa, you can find hotels and resorts that rival any in Las Vegas or other showplace resorts. How about an Africa vacation that includes top line entertainment, casino gambling, unsurpassed beaches? All these are available for both singles and families, accommodating all types of budgets.

In the north, beautiful beach resorts dot the Mediterranean coast as well as the Red Sea. Here a vacation turns into a desert odyssey not unlike Palm Springs, California, except with miles of white sand beaches.

Africa is countless island resorts on the Indian Ocean too. An Africa vacation here could be a private bungalow at a small resort where fresh fish is caught for lunch literally outside the windows of your room. The waters in these areas are pristine and unspoiled, perfect for diving and sailing.

In the north west, Morocco and the Canary Islands beckon with a completely different atmosphere and style. In addition, an Africa vacation here on the Atlantic coast has a completely different environment and culture to experience. You might feel that you are in Monte Carlo or Cannes but with much less expense and a more relaxing atmosphere.

An Africa vacation can be just about what you want it to be, with a variety that you will not find anywhere else.

Africa continent