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Despite its size, the primary landmass of North America is comprised of just four countries: Canada, Mexico, the United States, and the Kingdom of Denmark.

That is because Greenland is an autonomous constituent country, often culturally associated with Denmark and Norway, throughout its history.

Sometimes, the Caribbean is included with this region.

North America is a region of extremes. You can travel from above the Arctic Circle to the tropical climates of Southern Mexico. Each country can be divided into its own sub-region as well, creating distinctive travel opportunities. One could enjoy the mountains of the U.S. West, for example, or go explore the islands along the eastern coasts of Canada, and experience unique cultural differences.

What is most intriguing about North America, however, is the wide array of naturally beautiful landmarks that are open to explore. In the same journey, one could experience the harsh landscapes of the Badlands and the stunning lakes and volcanic pools of Yellowstone National Park. There are beaches that are cold and rugged and there are beaches that offer soft sands and warm sunshine.

That means North America, as a region, is able to cater to personal preferences with high levels of specificity. You can enjoy a 5-star resort experience, plan a backcountry backpacking adventure, or enjoy room service in a world-class hotel in one of the many metropolitan centers found in this region.

This variety is what makes North America such an attractive travel opportunity. Explore more of the available options today.

Below you find a list of countries belonging to the region known as North America.

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