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Hobart Travel Wiki Travel to Hobart Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Hobart When planning a trip to Australia, many book a holiday to enjoy the trappings of the primary continent. What is not realized is that there are several beautiful islands that are worth exploring on an Australian holiday as well and none offer what a trip to Hobart is able to provide. Over the years, Hobart has transformed...

Australia – Tasmania, travel and discover

Tasmania holidays are characterised for providing a cool climate and wild landscape to explore. Hundreds of thousands of hectares of Tasmania are considered utter wilderness. Glorious mountain ranges, glaciers and raging rivers provide simply stunning landscapes and exhilarating outdoor adventures. All of this untamed wilderness is further decorated with charming towns and cultured cities. Hobart and Launceston provide refuge for travellers looking to take a break from adventuring in the spectacular state and offer gourmet food, wine and arts harvested from the surrounding regions.

Best of Tasmania

What are the best places to visit in Tasmania ?

On a holiday to Tasmania you can explore glorious mountains, lush gorges, glassy lakes and wide rivers frequented by fascinating wildlife in the world heritage listed Cradle Mountain. This national park boasts 168,000 hectares of untamed wilderness.

Find delicious gourmet food, wine and culture in Australia’s second oldest city, Hobart. Spend time perusing markets and enjoying the vibrant art scene in this cosmopolitan yet down to earth city. Enjoy the big country town vibe of the city of Launceston. This laid back city surrounds the merging of the north and the south Esk rivers in to the impressive Tamar river.

Explore the magnificent wilderness of this island state so often overlooked by travellers in Australia. The cool climate and rugged landscape make Tasmania a dream destination for those looking for outdoor adventure, while the cultured cities are full of gourmet, food, wine and arts.

A holiday to Tasmania can be enjoyed at anytime of year, with magnificent landscapes and the local events just waiting to be enjoyed. Summer time will be sunny and warm for the most part and this is festival season in Tasmania. In Autumn you can expect calm and sunny days, enjoy delicious seasonal produce during this time too. Winter will be very cold this far south, but this just makes sitting by an open fire and looking out over a spectacular Tasmanian landscape all the more enjoyable. Also, don’t miss the Chocolate winter festival in July. Yum! Probably the best time of year to be in Tasmania is Spring. Kicking of with the Tulip festivals in the north and south, Spring sees Tasmania in celebrated bloom.

Discover a national treasure in Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain region. This vast expanse of national park is brushed with high mountain peaks, glass like lakes, raging rivers and luscious gorges. Find the perfect destination for outdoor adventures. Bike or hike through the many trails and mountain accents that embroider this one of a kind wilderness. Take kayaking and rafting trips down the brisk rivers and discover native wild life of all kinds.

Travellers must spend time in Australia’s second oldest city, Hobart. With Mt. Wellington soaring overhead this cosmopolitan destination still has an endearing down to earth character. The historic Derwent River lays claim to the Royal Hobart Regatta every February and culture and arts festivals are held here in the summer and winter. For a taste of the abundant local produce the Salamanca market is open every Saturday offering gourmet food and local wine.

Find tranquillity in the cool city of Launceston. This city may be the second largest in Tasmania but it has the atmosphere and pace of a big country town. The north and the south Esk rivers intersect in the heart of Launceston to form the Stunning Tamar River and Edwardian, Victorian, Federation and Art Deco houses characterise the sprawling city village that is Launceston.

Australia’s answer to New Zealand; this lush, rugged and wild state is a must visit destination for any traveller heading south in Australia.

Travel and vacation in Binalong Bay, Tasmania, Australia
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About Binalong Bay

The City

Binalong Bay has been voted the Lonely Planet’s number one global holiday destination, and once you are here, it is not difficult to see why. The sand here is so white and fine and the water clear as crystal. There is one main beach here, perfect for rolling around in the waves, surfing and body boarding. If you’re looking for somewhere a little more private but you still want to have all that fun, there are plenty of smaller beaches and inlets you can visit. Most of these can accessible by foot, but you can also drive to them if you wish.

This small town is also great if you want to do a spot of fishing. You can catch everything from regular fish to crabs and lobster here, and if you’re lucky, you might even get to eat it fresh yourself. Go with friends, or teach someone a new life skill – you won’t be disappointed at your catch here.

For those who want to get the blood pumping a little more, you can try your hand – or multiple hands, at canoeing and boating. It is easy to hire out a canoe or a boat that fits your needs. After that, all you need to do is strap on those highlighter yellow life jackets and travel across the bay with your friends, all the while taking in the magnificent views this lovely town has to offer.

The Binalong Bay Café is a must visit for all holiday goers. With a diverse menu that will cover all tastes, this café will provide you with a culinary experience you will never forget. It also has a great view of the bay, and is perfect for a delightful breakfast or brunch to top off your holiday here in Tasmania.

Where is Binalong Bay ?

Australia, located in the Southern Hemisphere, is a popular holiday destination for many, as it provides a great deal of versatility without sacrificing on fantastic experiences. All the states here have their own unique selling point, and Tasmania is no different. This island may be Australia’s smallest state, but what it lacks for in size it makes up in its extraordinary beauty. Binalong Bay, located on the north east of this wonderful state, is one of the best places to go for a private and relaxing holiday. It was originally a small fishing village, but now houses many who just want to experience a little slice of holiday heaven

Where to stay in Binalong Bay ?

There are a great number of places to stay in Binalong Bay. The accommodation here ranges from retreats to bed and breakfasts, and everything in between. As it is a smaller coastal town, a significant number of accommodation choices are holiday or guest houses. These are all self-contained, so you can bring as much or as little as you desire. As Binalong Bay is located on the southern end of the Bay of Fires, you will also be able to see a stunning view of the bay from wherever you choose to stay

Travel and vacation in Boat Harbour, Tasmania, Australia
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About Boat Harbour

The City

For local Tasmanians it is common knowledge that Boat Harbour is the number one destination for an idyllic, relaxing beach holiday.

With rolling surf, the occasional visit from whales, dolphins and seals, as well as a fairly lively fishing location, here lays the perfect opportunity to expand your horizons, grab a taste of the chilled out Tasmanian coastal lifestyle and discover this secret slice of Australian paradise.

Throw away your watch and let the concept of time dwindle away as you spend your days with your kids waiting for nibbles and a good solid swell, or simply just soaking up the friendly Tasmanian sun. It is highly recommended, given the right conditions, to slap on a set of snorkels and explore the marine life beneath the surface right near the rocky headlands. An abundance of starfish, fish, rays, even a dolphin or seal if you’re lucky will be more than happy to say g’day.

If you feel like mixing up your day from the pristine Boat Harbour Beach, you can delve into a piece of Aboriginal history at the Rocky Cape National Park. Just a short walk from Boat Harbour itself, you will find some of the more fascinating coastline features embedded in a concoction of rocks, coloured seaweed amongst a dispersion of crustaceans.

You will be captivated by the sensationally cool blue water as it either, depending on the weather, gently caresses upon the rocks or by contrast crash into the headlands in a thrashing frenzy. The rock pools peppered throughout the national park pose as an interesting attraction for visitors with many finding starfish among other sea creatures calling the small pools home. While the coastline itself is incredible, adding to the spectacular viewing is the mountainous inland backdrop intuitively adding that little bit extra to your experience. A recommended viewing point for Boat Harbour is a short walk up to any of the green hills either side of the sandy beach.

Where is Boat Harbour ?

Seclusion and a sense of peacefulness are synonymous with the diminutive township of Boat Harbour. Located in Tasmania’s northwest, the town’s population of 429 is reflective of the tranquil atmosphere you can expect when venturing to this Australian secret. An undulating green hill overlooks this charming village riddled with tropical plantation and cool sea breeze. Renowned for its pristine white sandy beaches and unique climate, you will never want to leave as you become the millionth tourist to fall in love with this immaculate landscape

Where to stay in Boat Harbour ?

The beachside community feeling flowing through this tiny suburb is not restricted to those physically on the beach, with many of the Boat Harbour accommodation choices instilling a local spirit to their hospitality. Such a small community guarantees a warm, friendly welcoming as you will feel like you know the whole town by the end of your holiday! With a large number of tourism activities conducive to the beachside, you will take great comfort in knowing your Boat Harbour accommodation will effectively bring the beach to you!

Travel and vacation in Bruny Island, Tasmania, Australia
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About Bruny Island

The City

On Bruny Island, with coastline in abundance, there’s a beach for everyone. For surfers, seek out some of Tasmania’s best surf at Cloudy Bay, Coal Point and The Neck. Cloudy Bay’s is among Tasmania’s most beautiful beaches. You’ll find huge swells for the surfers, sand dunes and kilometres of white sand. For families, Nebraska Beach in the north, Alonnah Beach and Cemetery Beach are favourites.

Jetty Beach, part of South Bruny National Park, is popular for swimming, camping and boating. Sunset Bay takes the title of the best sunsets of the island and is popular for swimming, kayaking, fishing, and of course romantic walks along the beach. For the peaceful waters of protected beaches, head to the northern tip of Bruny Island to Killora and further north to Dennes Point.

The bushwalking tracks of Bruny Island introduce you to the varied terrain of the island. There’s a range of established walks to suit your age, fitness and time constraints. Walk through rainforest, eucalyptus forest, along coast, through coastal heath, and up to the island’s peaks.

You’ll find the Mt Mangana walk 5kms inland from Adventure Bay. This 1.5 hour walk rewards with Bruny Island’s highest peak, at 571 metres. Although not suitable for the kids, the Fluted Cape walk will make you feel on top of the world. This 2.5 hour walk extends from the Grass Point track with a steep ascend to Fluted Cape. At 272 metres is where you’ll meet extremely high sea cliffs and expansive views.

Fishing is popular on the island at Alonnah, Cloudy Bay Lagoon, Adventure Bay and Neck Beach, and Barnes Bay. The best time to fish is between November and April. Major species caught on Bruny Island include flathead, leatherjacket, morwong, gurnard, squid, Australian salmon, barracuda, striped trumpeter and skate.

The famous Fairy Penguins are usually found on Tasmania’s offshore islands, like Bruny Island. See these sensitive little birds returning to their burrows in small groups about an hour or so after dark. Animal-lovers can rejoice at the twelve species of bird restricted to Tasmania. Grab your bird checklist and see if you can spot them, while you explore sections of National Park and State Reserve.

Where is Bruny Island ?

On Bruny Island you’ll find Australia’s southernmost untouched wilderness coastline. Bruny Island, which is south of Hobart, is made up of north and south islands.

Bruny Island holidays behold many bewildering features that you won’t find anywhere else. You have plenty of coastline options; capes, cliffs and islands points providing 360-degree aerial views of untouched surrounds. Bruny Island hosts unique flora and fauna populations, from the alpine plant species to unique or endangered birds. Walk along the isthmus, a narrow strip of land connecting the two islands. Several great surf spots and flat stretches of beach, broken only by sand dunes are all waiting to be explored

Where to stay in Bruny Island ?

Stay on the North Bruny if space is what you desire. The north island is drier than the south and is composed of open pastures and light bushland. If you want to be among cool temperate rainforest the south island is for you; here you’ll find hills and large rainforest areas.

Bruny Island accommodation offers choice between cottages, cabins, holiday houses, and luxury beachfront cottages. Many facilities are eco-friendly and pet-friendly. Choose your adventure: from wilderness retreats in the cool temperate rainforests or wandering the sand dunes on the beach. For isolation and smaller populations consider staying at sheltered coves or small townships.

Travel and vacation in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia
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About Burnie

The City

It’s almost impossible to visit Burnie without wanting to spend time at one of the beaches. There are several to choose from, and even on the busiest weekends it’s always easy to find a quiet spot. A range of water-sports is available all along the north-western coastline of Tasmania, but if you’re in the mood for quiet reflection that’s fine, too. Solitude and serenity go hand in hand here if you want them to.

No visit to Burnie would be complete without sampling plenty of the local produce. The town hosts a popular Farmer’s Market, so be sure to stock up on as much as you can carry. Tasmanian whisky is rightly popular, and the range of cheeses has to be seen to be believed. Burnie is home to a number of delightful restaurants, and there are many scenic picnic spots to be found in the area. Eating and drinking are serious matters here.

Just four kilometres from the centre of Burnie you will find the picturesque Fern Glade Reserve, a peaceful spot that’s situated amid some breath-taking countryside. It’s the perfect place for a gentle stroll amid the forest, if only because of the beautiful Emu River which meanders through. If you visit just before sunset – and if you happen to be particularly lucky – you may even spot a rare Tasmanian platypus.

Sometimes the best way to get a feel for a certain destination is simply by walking through it. Here in Burnie, there is a wonderful self-guided tour which will give you an enjoyable insight into the history and character of the place. There are a number of striking art deco buildings to be enjoyed, both residential and commercial. If you have a couple of hours to spare, this tour really should be on the holiday itinerary.

Where is Burnie ?

There are a number of impressive holiday destinations in Tasmania, and Burnie is surely one of the finest. Located on the north-west coast of the island overlooking Bass Strait, it’s home to some of the finest beaches to be found anywhere in this part of the world.

A friendly place which is surrounded by some highly picturesque countryside, Burnie offers something to suit all tastes and all ages. If you’ve never visited Tasmania before, this particular destination is a great place to start. The emphasis here is on enjoying yourself from the moment you arrive.

Where to stay in Burnie ?

The Bass Highway, which runs across north-western Tasmania, passes right through the town, and there are several hotels, bed and breakfasts and guesthouses within close proximity. If you’re looking to stay closer to the beaches it’s best to look for options around Marine Terrace and Wilmot Street.

The Burnie accommodation scene also includes popular seaside hotels along the coast from the centre of town. Locations such as Somerset and Wynyard to the west, as well as Ulverstone and Devenport to the east, give the tourist a wide range of choices when the time comes to make a booking

Travel and vacation in Cambridge, Tasmania, Australia
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About Cambridge

The City

A holiday to Cambridge would not be complete without embarking on one of its famous scenic flights. Head to the Cambridge Aerodrome to choose from a variety of flight experiences. Tours across Tasmania’s wild south west showcase the wonder of the World Heritage Area. The flights provide a taste of the rugged landscape and untouched wilderness.

For a different view, embark on a scenic flight above the east coast of Tasmania. With exceptional views of stunning beaches and spectacular sea cliffs, you’re sure to be impressed. Fly over Tasmania’s most popular tourist attraction to see the Port Arthur penal settlement, Maria Island and Wine Glass Bay from the air.

Back on land; enjoy views of Cambridge from a different height. The nearby Mount Rumney stands 378m above sea level, providing a less daunting alternative to a scenic plane. From the lookout, enjoy beautiful views over the local bay and inlets throughout the Tasman Peninsula and across to Frederick Henry Bay.

To see more of Cambridge from the ground, travel to the nearby Seven Mile Beach. Located just out of town on Surf Road, the beach features the white sand and turquoise water Tasmania is famous for. Embark on a beach walk or simply breathe in the salt air at Seven Mile Beach.

Cambridge is home to one of the area’s largest shopping centres. The Cambridge Park Shopping Complex features a number of department stores and variety shops selling everything from groceries to gifts. For more shopping drive the short distance to Hobart for a wider variety of boutiques.

After a long day shopping, retire for a hot meal and a cold drink. The Barilla Function Centre and Licensed Restaurant is the perfect place to unwind after a long day exploring. Enjoy some fresh Tasmanian produce and a local beer at one of the many establishments in the township.

Where is Cambridge ?

The township of Cambridge lies within the Greater Hobart region of Tasmania. Just 14km east of the state’s capital, Hobart, the area makes for a convenient holiday destination. Home to the Hobart International Airport and the Cambridge Aerodrome, the area provides international visitors with a great starting point to explore Tasmania. As the major departure point for scenic flights around the island, Cambridge is the ideal base to see Tasmania from above. Offering flights around Hobart, the Tasman Peninsula, Maria Island and the South West Wilderness region, visitors are spoilt for choice. With a variety of accommodation, Cambridge is an ideal holiday destination

Where to stay in Cambridge ?

Cambridge accommodation promises a pleasant holiday experience for all. From locals to international visitors, the accommodation caters to all holiday makers and their budgets. With a range of accommodation options to choose from, the area has something for everyone. A selection of hotels and inns in the town centre provide comfort and convenience. Further out of town, a caravan and cabin park is an affordable alternative for a family holiday. A bed and breakfast or guesthouse promises a romantic rendezvous for couples. From the centre to the outskirts, Cambridge has a fine selection of accommodation offering quality holiday experiences.

Travel and vacation in Coles Bay, Tasmania, Australia
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About Coles Bay

The City

With so much natural beauty at your fingertips it is not hard to plan your day. From the fun waiting for you on the water to the quaint town of Coles Bay itself, you can really take your time and wind down – the way a holiday should be enjoyed.

Diving, kayaking, snorkelling, fishing – take your pick, all these activities are available in Coles Bay. The picture perfect coastline of Wineglass Bay is the ideal place to learn an array of water sports, or for the experienced diver, to go under the turquoise vista and see the colourful fish swimming in the clear waters. If you are out on the water, chances are you may find yourself followed by friendly pods of dolphins; they always come to you so no need to chase them!

On land, discover the fascinating flora and fauna around the local area with a bushwalk. Freycinet National Park is flowing with life so expect to see some native Tasmanian creatures, including the Tasmanian Devil, unbeatable views and a chance to get back to nature. There are also many opportunities for bird-watching along the coastal route and views of a peninsula that is over 400 million years old.

After so much activity there are also some relaxing ways to spend your time, such as the scenic nine hole golf course, chartered flights of the island, sailing tours and romantic dining cruises around the bay that are perfect for honeymooners.

Where is Coles Bay ?

On the east coast of Tasmania tucked away in a bay is the tiny town of Coles Bay – a hugely popular tourist destination. While the town is relatively small with a population less than 200, the town attracts people the world over to experience the variety of watersports and take in the supremely beautiful local surroundings. With an average of 300 days of sunshine a year you will not be disappointed with a visit to Coles Bay – perfect for that family holiday or romantic getaway

Where to stay in Coles Bay ?

With a range of 3-star to 5-star accommodation you can find the perfect coastal retreat to suit you. There are some stunning Coles Bay accommodation choices that are located in prime positions close to all the local attractions including The Hazards mountain range and the jaw-droppingly beautiful Hourglass Bay. Expect modern, intimate rooms with all the modern conveniences and luxuries. Find your inner peace in one of these sanctuaries and get away from the stresses of everyday life.

Travel and vacation in Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia
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About Cradle Mountain

The City

Cradle Mountain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tasmania and it’s not hard to see why! Cradle Mountain is the star attraction of the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park and with such spectacular natural beauty there will be no end of photo opportunities when visiting Cradle Mountain. Located in Tasmania’s Wilderness World Heritage Area, the closest airport to Cradle Mountain is Queenstown and Tasmania’s second-largest city Launceston is an easy two hour drive away.

There are plenty of walking tracks on offer in Cradle Mountain but to experience the true beauty of the area, challenge yourself to climbing the mountain itself. To summit the mountain you will need to set aside around seven hours for a round trip, but you will certainly not be disappointed with the view from the top! Serious climbers should also check out Mount Ossa, Tasmania’s highest mountain.

Those travelling with kids will not be disappointed at Cradle Country Adventures, where you can hire quad bikes and horses. With plenty of rides to choose from, this is an excellent way to explore the Tasmanian wilderness.

Cradle Mountain also marks the start of Tasmania’s famous Overland Track. Running for 65km, the track is the most popular long-distance walking track in Australia. Those wanting to tackle the track will need six days for the trek but will be rewarded with some of the most beautiful scenery in the country including alpine meadows, rainforests and deep valleys. The walk ends at Lake St Clair, the deepest lake in Australia; here you can rest your weary legs and take in the scenery. Lake St Clair is also one of the best trout fisheries in Tasmania.

If you’re in need of some pampering after exploring the outdoors, head to the Waldheim Alpine Spa where a range of treatments are on offer, including massages and facials. You will not be disappointed with The Sanctuary, a designated therapeutic area.

Where is Cradle Mountain ?

Where to stay in Cradle Mountain ?

There is a great range of accommodation suited to all budgets in Cradle Mountain. To experience the best of Cradle Mountain’s natural beauty stay in the Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, where you will find family friendly lodges, romantic chalets and relaxing retreats. The towns of Moina and Tullah are both located a short drive from Cradle Mountain and serve as convenient locations to explore this wilderness. The historic town of Sheffield is also a great choice. The town serves as a centre for surrounding farming communities and has plenty of excellent vineyards, cafés and restaurants

Travel and vacation in Devonport, Tasmania, Australia
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About Devonport

The City

Devonport and Tasmania’s beautiful North West Coast can be discovered on foot, by cycle or by boat. Enjoy the view from the ferry as you arrive then make the most of your time in Devonport by selecting a hotel with a sea view. Then hit the beach for great swimming, surfing or a spot of fishing.

Devonport, on Tasmania’s North West Coast, is the ideal base from which to discover the island and enjoy a one-of-a-kind holiday with the family or as a couple.

If you love the beach, ‘The Bluff’ is the place to head. A patrolled beach, Bluff is ideally located close to the city centre and much of Devonport’s accommodation, with plenty of facilities for a great day out. Great for swimming, surfing and fishing, the large lawns by the beach also mean you can picnic without getting sand in your sandwiches.

The coast around Devonport is ideal for walking, and visitors can explore a number of coastal paths on foot or by cycle. The Bluff Headland and Devonport’s iconic lighthouse are only a short walk from the beach, and Devonport’s other beaches are only a short distance away too.

The Mersey River, which runs between West and East Devonport, is another attraction for those that love to get out on the water to row or sail. Visitors can also enjoy a cruise to the mouth of the Bass Strait, where you may just meet some friendly dolphins. Afterwards, a visit to the Maritime Museum is a must to explore Devonport’s rich maritime history.

In addition to its coastal and city attractions, Devonport provides visitors with a slice of country life, being responsible for over 40 per cent of Tasmania’s vegetable crop. Driving through ‘Australia’s Market Garden’ is a great delight, especially before the harvest when orchard fruits and vegetables are ripening.

Back in town, Devonport provides cosmopolitan pleasures on a conveniently compact scale. The abundance of local produce makes eating out a joy: your only difficulty will be in choosing where and what to eat. With excellent seafood, locally reared beef, fresh and wholesome vegetables and local cheeses on many menus, foodies are guaranteed a great time. Make sure you try out a glass or two of the local wine with your meal too – or one of Tasmania’s award-winning beers.

Where is Devonport ?

Where to stay in Devonport ?

Travel and vacation in Dover, Tasmania, Australia
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About Dover

The City

A holiday to Dover would not be complete without exploring the scenic surrounds of the southernmost town in Tasmania. Enjoying a marine climate with generally cool and cloudy weather all year round, the village offers holiday makers a taste of southern temperatures. Make the most of the cool weather with a range of activities and attractions.

First and foremost, visitors should explore the picturesque Port Esperance. The site offers stunning views across the water to the islands beautifully named Faith, Hope and Charity. Enjoy the view from the shore or sail across the Faith Island to see it for yourself. Take the time to explore the island; you might even stumble across a collection of historic graves.

Discover more history back in Dover. Originally founded as a convict probation station, the town is of historic and cultural significance. The penal past of the area can be seen in the well maintained Commandant’s Office on Beach Road. The heritage site offers a piece of punitive history and a window to the past.

For a further glimpse into the past, visit the town’s major attraction, Casey’s Living Steam Museum. With displays focusing on old steam trains, the local apple industry and the timber industry, the museum gives a detailed overview of Dover’s history, complete with an old bark hut. The museum showcases the town’s important role as a port, shipping Huon Pine across the world. Interestingly, it has been suggested that the link between Dover in Tasmania and its namesake in England is that Huon Pine shipped from the area was used in the construction of the Dover Pier. Learn all of this and more at Casey’s Living Steam Museum.

Learn more about Dover’s past and present by immersing yourself in the local culture. Browse the local gift shop for souvenirs. Dine on fresh produce at the restaurant. Enjoy a cold beer at Tasmania’s southernmost hotel

Where is Dover ?

Where to stay in Dover ?

Travel and vacation in George Town, Tasmania, Australia
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About George Town

The City

Situated on the eastern bank of the tranquil Tamar River, George Town is the perfect place to explore the Tamar Valley and surrounding area. Follow the Tamar River to its mouth to discover the beautiful Bass Strait. The wild waters of the Tamar Valley provide a wealth of attractions and activities to engage all holiday makers.

A holiday to George Town would not be complete without a trip down the Tamar River. Take a guided river cruise to experience water and wilderness with the benefit of local knowledge and captivating commentary. The Tamar River Cruise journeys through the river to the magnificent Cataract Gorge. Enjoy a selection of local wines and cheeses as you wind through the water.

At the mouth of the Tamar River lies Low Head, just out of George Town. Here you will find a wealth of tourist attractions. The swimming and surf beaches are a popular attraction in summer. All year round, the Low Head Pilot Station and Maritime Museum is well worth a visit. Founded in 1803, the site marks Australia’s oldest working pilot station. With over ten rooms full of maritime history and memorabilia, the museum is both interesting and educational.

Low Head is also home to a famous fairy penguin observatory. Here you can see the magnificent little creatures up close and personal. Take a guided tour at twilight to see the penguins emerge from the Bass Strait and retreat to their burrows.

For more marvellous animals, George Town is the place to visit. Head to Platypus House to see one of the world’s most unique and rare creatures. Visit Seahorse World to experience another fascinating animal up close and personal. Both attractions offer guided tours providing insights into the strange marine species of Tasmania.

To taste some of Tasmania’s best fresh produce, visit Hillwood Berry Farm. Here you can pick your own strawberries, raspberries and other seasonal fruits. Sample locally produced fruit wine, cheese and vinegar. Dine in the new café and pick up a couple of presents at the gift shop.

Where is George Town ?

Where to stay in George Town ?

Travel and vacation in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
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About Launceston

The City

Even though it is Tasmania’s second-largest city, Launceston is compact and easy to explore on foot. Highlights of the city include its beautiful Victorian buildings which line the streets as well as the Launceston Seaport with its trendy waterfront eateries. Make sure you walk along the boardwalk from Seaport to Cataract Gorge to take in some of the city’s most popular sights. Stop by the heritage-listed Ritchies Mill and discover why Launceston has earned a reputation for being a gourmet food lover’s paradise. Chocolate aficionados should not miss Cocobean in George Street that locals argue sells Australia’s best chocolate.

There are also a number of interesting museums in Launceston. Conveniently located near the boardwalk in Inveresk, The Queen Victoria Museum & Art Gallery is the largest regional museum in Australia and has a fabulous collection spanning colonial art and a convict collection. Kids will love the Launceston Planetarium located in the museum which features an impressive star projector. Motoring enthusiasts should head to the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania where you will find an extensive collection of cars and motorcycles.

Cataract Gorge is a natural wonder located a short 15 minute walk from the centre of town and is a definite must-see on any visit to Launceston. You will be impressed at the torrents of water that flow between sheer cliff faces. There are many activities on offer at the Gorge including the longest single-span chairlift in the world, rock climbing, abseiling, a swimming pool and walking trails.

Launceston is also the perfect base for discovering the cool-climate wineries of the Tamar Valley. Along the Tamar Valley Wine Route you will find more than 20 cellar doors which are all open to the public for wine tastings. Beyond its world-class vineyards, the Tamar Valley also offers a number of family-friendly attractions including the Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre and Platypus House where you can meet echidnas and platypus!

Where is Launceston ?

Where to stay in Launceston ?

Travel and vacation in Mole Creek, Tasmania, Australia
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About Mole Creek

The City

If you have ever wondered what another planet would look like then all you need to do is go walkabout in the Mole Creek Caves to get an insight. The fragile formations sprinkled with sparkling crystals mirrored by the eerily still water will have you believing you are anywhere but planet earth. The extra terrestrial-like landscape is only amplified by the presence of creatures that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. These creatures, all insects or molluscs, as incredibly unique as they already are, have evolved over the years within the cave to rid themselves of the need for sunlight. The tantric echoing sounds generated by the streams beneath the surface will provide visitors with a soothingly meditating experience. These cave adventures are suitable for all ages so bring your kids along and the explorations are not restricted to certain levels of fitness. It is simply a trip that cannot be missed!

Being within a cooee of Chudleigh the kids will be getting excited for a trip to the family owned and operated Melita Honey Farm. Taste testing over 50 different kinds of honey amongst other products will have them buzzing with enthusiasm. A variety of freshly made ice creams, nougat and other uniquely blended honey products makes the visit definitely worthwhile. However the experience won’t be limited to your taste buds as you witness the day to day workings of a bee hive. The convenient location to Moles Creek township means that this trip is the perfect excuse to have a break from all the trekking and bush exploring.

If after an extensive trek through the Mole Creek bushland you haven’t come across a distinct array of wildlife, don’t fret! The Trowunnna Wildlife Park is home to just about any native Australian animal you can think of. In fact, the sanctuary is proud to have the world’s largest population of the elusive Tasmanian devil!

Where is Mole Creek ?

Where to stay in Mole Creek ?

Travel and vacation in Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia
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About Port Arthur

The City

As Tasmania’s most popular tourist destination and Australia’s most significant heritage area, Port Arthur has a lot to offer visitors. The historic site features a museum, gallery and research room. By night, ghost tours operate and are sure to scare you senseless.

For more history, travel 20km north-west of the town to discover the Coal Mines Historic Site. Learn about the convicts who worked underground extracting coal in the area. Interpretive signs describe the harsh working conditions and brutal lives of the offenders.

The Isle of the Dead is another historic attraction in the area. Take a cruise to see the cemetery on the small island. The view is at once eerie and serene, a sight that has to be seen to be believed – you can also learn a great deal here about the lives of those who previously lived in Port Arthur.

In addition to these historic sites, Port Arthur is famous for its breathtaking coastline. The area is a popular spot for surfing, sea-kayaking and snorkelling. With shipwreck sites in some of the best temperate waters in Australia, the area is also a renowned diving site.

To the south of Port Arthur lies Remarkable Cave, an amazing cave that opens up to the sea. From here, it is just a short walk to Crescent Bay, a secluded seascape sheltered by sand dunes. The pristine coastline of Port Arthur is pure and perfect.

Eaglehawk Neck connects Port Arthur’s peninsula to the mainland and also unites the area’s historic past and natural beauty. The 30m wide neck of land is both scenic and significant. In convict times, the area was fenced off and guarded by soldiers, man traps and half-starved dogs.

Today, Eaglehawk Neck acts as the entrance to Port Arthur and all is has to offer. Walk the streets of the quaint village and enjoy a meal at one of many quality restaurants. Experience fresh Tasmanian produce and quality dining in the area.

Where is Port Arthur ?

Where to stay in Port Arthur ?

Travel and vacation in Sheffield, Tasmania, Australia
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About Sheffield

The City

The quaint village of Sheffield is famous for its art and renowned as the town of murals. Since the first mural was painted in 1986, over 60 murals have been created on walls and buildings throughout the town. Depicting the area’s prolific history and natural beauty, the murals draw visitors from across the world.

Reinforcing Sheffield’s reputation as the town of murals, the village is home to the International Mural Festival and art competition. Held annually since 2003, artists flock to the town each April to participate in and experience the festival. Using a selected poem as inspiration, the artists create mural masterpieces. Visit Mural Park to view the finalists’ artworks throughout the year.

For more art, visit the town centre to discover a variety of studios open to the public. Watch professional artists create masterpieces or take a lesson and learn how to create one yourself. With studios specialising in painting, photography, pottery, ceramics, glass and woodcraft, Sheffield is an artist’s paradise.

For artistic inspiration, look no further than the stunning surrounds of Sheffield. Rising 1234m above sea level, Mount Roland provides a beautiful backdrop to the town. Explore spectacular scenery at the Mount Roland Conservation Area and Regional Reserve. With over 7600 hectares of pristine land surrounding the range, the reserve is the perfect place to experience the mountain. Choose from a number of different bush tracks and walking trails throughout the reserve. Hike to the summit of the mountain to enjoy magnificent views across the Bass Strait, Cradle Mountain and Barn Bluff.

To learn more about the history of Sheffield, visit the Heritage Museum, also known as the Kentish Museum. Located in Main Street, the precinct provides an interesting insight into the town’s past and present. With excellent displays on the history of the area complete with local artifacts, the museum is very educational.

Where is Sheffield ?

Where to stay in Sheffield ?

Travel and vacation in Strahan, Tasmania, Australia
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About Strahan

The City

Back on land, the views in the Strahan region are just as spectacular. Enjoy the scenery by foot with a bushwalk through temperate rainforests. Immerse yourself in native flora and fauna and experience the beauty of the Tasmanian countryside.

Alternatively, experience the region by boat. Strahan is the starting point for the famous Gordon River Cruise which journeys through Tasmania’s World Heritage Area. Aboard the Lady Jane Franklin II you’ll cruise through pristine wilderness and sample local Tasmanian produce.

While aboard the cruise, make sure you stop over at Sarah Island for a history lesson and an interesting experience. Once a harsh penal settlement feared by convicts, the island is now a top tourist destination. Take an educational tour or watch the daily play about Sarah Island, The Ship That Never Was.

For a different island experience, travel to Bonnet Island. Here you can encounter little penguins and other native wildlife up close and personal. Take a tour of the lighthouse to learn about the lighthouse keepers who braved Tasmania’s wild west and survived on this tiny outpost.

Explore the waterways at your own pace with a choice of activities. From kayaking to jet-boating, the King River is the perfect spot for a relaxing paddle or heart-stopping adventure. Strahan is also an ideal fishing destination; throw a line into the sea or the river to catch a big one.

Back in the town, walk the streets of the quaint village to experience country warmth and hospitality. Shop in the locally run businesses selling souvenirs and gifts. Enjoy a meal at one the restaurants and cafés serving quality local produce and seafood. Sample Tasmanian beer and get to know the locals at the pub. With so much to see and do in the town itself and the surrounding region, Strahan is an exceptional holiday destination.

Where is Strahan ?

Where to stay in Strahan ?

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