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Tonga Travel Wiki

Easy travel guide
Find general travel information, guides and “good to know”. Find the cheapest flights and best hotels offers in one click multi search engine - just click a city and discover the best of the country.

Travel to Tonga

The Kingdom of Tonga consists of 169 islands, with three dozen of them being inhabited. This network of islands is scattered over 700,000 square kilometers of the Pacific Ocean, though nearly 70% of the population of this island nation resides on the primary island of Tongatapu.

Originally called the “Friendly Islands,” the hospitality that you’ll find within the local culture is unique to this region of the world. For 70 years, it was a protected state of the United Kingdom, but it has always been a sovereign nation. This has led to an independent spirit that has created an incredible exploration opportunity.

As with many South Pacific destinations, you’ll find numerous resorts will help you find a way to kick back and relax. You’ll have easy beach access, chances to dive, swim, or surf, while exploring the numerous lagoons that are surrounded by limestone cliffs.

Tonga is also home to a monument that is often compared to Stonehenge. Called “Ha’amonga ‘a Maui, it is a monumental coral gate that was originally built in the 13th century. Spend your mornings trekking through the plantations and volcanoes that make up this island chain, then relax with a quiet afternoon on a clean, white sand beach while the world passes you by.

You’ll also have the chance to explore coastal blowholes, underground swimming pools, and botanical gardens at your leisure.

Tonga offers all visitors an opportunity to relax in a way that best suits their personal needs. Explore what this island nation can offer by making it your next destination.

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Nukualofa, capital of Tonga

Nukualofa Travel Wiki Travel to Nukualofa Read about and get inspiration for a trip to the city, check for the cheapest flights and hotels in Nukualofa A visit to Tonga often means relaxing on clean white-sand beaches, enjoying warm emerald waters, and letting a day peacefully pass you by. If you are looking for an adventure, you’ll find that there are several cultural, historical, or heritage tours that can be booked for your stay in Nuku’alofa, the capital of this island nation...

Travel resources

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Tonga Holidays

Tonga Public Holidays See the calendars for national Tonga holidays year by year. Find and just click on the year you for which you need more information about Tonga holidays, and the calendar for the year will open. When is the non working days for the year. Public / national days, see the calendar for the country here.

Official holidays

When are holidays and no working days in the country ?