Take a walking tour of Bydgoszcz with a local guide.

You will start to visit the Old Town in the Old Market Square in front of the Bydgoszcz Land Fight and Martyrdom Monument. The monument commemorates the casualties of the Nazi terror, especially the residents of Bydgoszcz who were executed in this place by firing squad on the first days of the Second World War. En route we pass the oldest pharmacy in Bydgoszcz – ”Under the Golden Eagle” at 1 Stary Rynek Street – and the City Hall.

You will be able to see the city’s official symbol, i.e. three half-timbered granaries from the turn of the 19th century, scenically located on the River Brda. Next you will see the sculpture floating above the River Brda is the “Man Crossing the River”, a tightrope walker smoothly balancing on the rope and The “little palace” in the Dutch mannerist style on the right bank of the River Brda.

On the boulevard you will turn right and go along the River Brda towards the monumental edifice of the Opera Nova. On the other side of the river, in the western part of Mill Island, one can see well the modern building of Bydgoszcz Marina. Across the footbridge we enter Mill Island, a 6-hectare green oasis in the very centre of the city.

You go past the oldest building on the island, the so-called White Granary. You will see the building of the European Money Centre and the old steam mill from 1861, the so-called Red Granary and buildings wchich called the Bydgoszcz Venice.

Next you will visit Wełniany Market Square with the monument Leon Barciszewski, Długa Street and Jan Kazimierz Street where you will see an old orange tram from 1955. In the end you will see The Old Market Square.

Price pr tour 100 Euro, max 25 participants (4 Euro pp)


Anna Baran
ul.Piłsudskiego 27/25
31-111 Kraków


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